by Bluebird Arts

Bluebird Arts is pleased to announce auditions for Zoyka's Apartment, by Mikhail Bulgakov. To be directed by Luda Lopatina Solomon, Zoyka's Apartment is a tragic farce in three acts surrounding the aristocratic Madame Zoyka, who turns her apartment into a dressmaker's shop. The play takes place during the Soviet equivalent of the roaring '20s, while the country is seething with economic discontent and everyone is scrambling to escape to Paris. Audition information is as follows:

When: Saturday, August 29, 2015 from 10am-2pm, and Monday, August 31, 2015 from 6-10pm
Where: Athenaeum Theatre, 2936 N. Southport Ave., Chicago

The Characters

Zoya Denisovna Peltz (Zoyka, Zoyechka), a widow, 35
Manyushka (Marya Garbatova, Manyushechka, Manyusha), her maid, 22
Anisim Zotikovich Aliluya (Aliluychik), male, Chairman of the Number 10 Sadovaya Street Apartment House Committee, 42
Pavel Fvodorovich Abolyaninov (Pavlik, Pavlusha, Pavlushka), male, 35
Gan-Tsa-Lin ("Gasoline"), male, Chinese, 40
Cherubim (Tsen-Tsin-Poh; Cherubimchik, Cherubimka), male, Chinese, 28
Aleksander Tarasovich Amentistov (Sashka), male, 38
Alla Vadimovna (Allachka), female, 20s
Mymra (Marya Nikiforovna), female, 20-40s
Lizanka (Liza), female, 20s
Madame Ivanova, 25-35
Mr. Robber, Defense Attorney, 45
Goose Remontny, male, 45, 
Ivan Vasilyevich, male, 30-40s
Varvara Nikanorovna, female, Old
Various characters, male and female, 20s-50s

Please send your headshot and resume to with Zoyka's Apartment Auditions in the subject line. There are roles for 16 actors, including some multiple role casting. Auditionees will be asked to read from the script. Rehearsals will begin around mid-December, and the production will run late February to early April in the Athenaeum Theatre, Studio Three. There is some pay.