by Bluebird Arts

Jaimelyn Post-Op

Managing Director and Actor Jaimelyn Gray is an avid bicyclist. Unfortunately, this past Monday, she was involved in a hit-and-run accident when a car crossed into the bike lane attempting to turn onto Spaulding Avenue from Lawrence Avenue. They failed to check the bike lane, hitting Jaimelyn's front tire and sending her into the curb where her bike crashed to the left, throwing her into the pavement.

Fortunately, while this is a horrible event to have occurred, Jaimelyn was able to walk away with a broken left elbow and some tough bruises. She went through surgery yesterday and is expected to make a full recovery by mid-December. Please send good thoughts her way.

Please, PLEASE, as so many artists in the Chicago Theatre Community are bicyclists: Always be cognizant of our city's bike lanes.